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NEW A-level Further Maths Practice Papers

Updated: May 27, 2019

Details of how to get these papers at the bottom of the page

This is a set of six complete NEW practice papers for the pure maths components of A-level Further Maths for all boards with complete worked solutions/ mark scheme. These questions have been carefully crafted by me to be particularly challenging and to resemble the new style of A-levels.

They go beyond the scope of the usual A-level textbooks. These are the sort of questions which will probably come up on the exam based on the sample assessment material which is much harder than the textbooks.

This is a new resource so please be aware there could be minor mistakes as I wanted to get it out before the exam, especially as there are so many questions. Remember there is still plenty of time until the exams to get your head around some more relevant questions. Lots of time have gone into making this a top quality resources, so enjoy!

quietplease_kc said: "With limited sources of papers currently out there, it is refreshing to finally see some good papers on which to practise for the imminent exams. As a student, I am very grateful."

You can purchase the six papers below for £9.99, or for £15 at my TES account at this link https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/new-a-level-further-maths-pure-practice-papers-12128767

How to buy for £9.99

1. Send £9.99 to me via Paypal at the link below


2. Send an email to georgeis123@icloud.com stating your name and email used for Paypal

3. I will email the papers to you, which should be completed within a few hours, but is guaranteed to be completed within two working days

4. Enjoy!

Or, you can buy from TES if you want to get the papers instantly, but I would prefer if you used PayPal

Other Further Maths and normal Maths resources are available at my shop https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/theinvisiblehand1/Mathematics.


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